Nov 11, 2021 • 50M

EP / 014 | BJ Siegel, Juno: Re-writing the resi playbook

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A series of conversations with placemakers on the stuff that makes us human and the stuff that humans make.
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We speak with BJ Siegel, Co-Founder and Head of Design at Juno, about his design philosophy, the future of multifamily, and the opportunities in thinking about housing as a consumer product. 

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Dear No Contest Listeners,

Remember those first few times you visited the Apple store? Remember the magic? 

We drove to the mall (yes, the mall). And despite the maze-like wayfinding and disorienting clouds of Abercrombie cologne, we found our way to the shining monument of the large, backlit “Apple.”

Tech-chic employees greeted you at the door, checked you in with retro-fitted Apple devices, and unleashed you into the future. We excitedly scrolled through iPods and stared in wonder at evenly dispersed rows of silver Macbooks. It was an otherworldly experience. 

The most amazing part? 20-years later, we still feel the magic. 


Apple designed our enduring admiration for that sacred store through listening, observing, improving, and of course, the will to defy the “this-is-how-its-always-been-done” ideas in retail. 

In EP 14 of No Contest, we speak with BJ Siegel, the former Senior Director of Real Estate and Development at Apple and original member of the Apple Store Concept Design Team, about his new company, Juno.

Juno is also a revolutionary idea that can fundamentally change our sense of possibilities in spaces — this time, in multifamily. 

And like the Apple Store, Juno has parted ways with legacy design assumptions to build a consumer experience that actually centers around the consumer. 

This episode is a glimpse into what’s next. Come along for the ride.


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